The Washingtons

The Washingtons at Sulgrave 

Lawrence Washington’s eldest son, Robert, inherited the manor upon his father’s death in 1583/4 and lived there until his own death in 1619. In 1610 the property was purchased by a grandson of the builder of Sulgrave Manor, Lawrence Makepeace. The Makepeace family, having been Royalists in the English Civil War, sold the Manor out of the family in 1659.

The Journey to America

Pope’s Landing

Having supported King Charles I, in the English Civil War, the Washington’s fell on hard times under the Commonwealth government. Colonel John Washington, the great-great grandson of the founder of Sulgrave Manor, emigrated to the Colony of Virginia in 1657. He married Anne Pope, after his ship ran aground in the Potomac River off Pope’s Landing. It was their great grandson, George, who became the first President of the United States.